Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Prince Hall Commission on Clandestine Masonry, 1961

I am sharing the Report of the Prince Hall Commission on Clandestine Masonry, which was given to United Supreme Council, A.A.S.R. of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affiliation, Northern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Inc. at Chicago, Illinois, May 1961, and the same report given to Conference of Grand Masters of Prince Hall Masons of America at Seattle, Washington, same month and year.

Many of the principles set out in the Report apply to even this day, in which we still the problem with Clandestine Masonry rampant in the America and abroad. This is presented for the Masonic world that they may read and know the efforts of the Prince Hall organization to do our part in resolving an issue in the Craft since the inception of the Grand Lodge system in England. And now, I present the Report:

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