Thursday, August 20, 2015

Addressing Mr. Hawkins and the John G. Jones Epidemic by Bro. John L. Hairston, Editor

Please take time to watch the video by Mr. Hawkins, a clandestine member of the John G. Jones group out of California.

This video represents the new angle in which the African American clandestine groups attempt to debate the issue of their illegal Grand Lodges nation-wide.

Mr. Hawkins has also written a history of John G. Jones which is filled with misinformation and errors concerning John G. Jones and the many groups that have spun off from his Masonic crime.

The first issue raised by Mr. Hawkins is the Phylaxis Society's list of Bogus groups being all African American oriented. This is the new tactic used by African American clandestine groups-use race as a means of convicting Prince Hall Masons of discrimination or reversed racism.

Yes, the majority of groups listed are African American groups. The Phylaxis Society, Commission on Bogus Masonry is focused on exposing bogus masonry wherever it is found, but more specifically the African American community, because it directly affects Prince Hall Grand Lodges. I would direct any reader or researcher to the "Walkes Site", and to read the works of the founder, Hon. Joseph A. Walkes. His work would provide an accurate view of the philosophy and work of the Phylaxis. What Mr. Hawkins is viewing is the Phylaxis addressing an epidemic in the African American community. Because Prince Hall Lodges and Grand Lodges receive the vast majority of their membership from our own communities, it becomes imperative to make sure that these prospective candidates have all of the necessary information to identify what is regular and what is clandestine in their community. 

What we do not hear in the video, made by Hawkins, is evidence that his group, the John G. Jones Grand Lodge of California, doesn't deserve to be listed with the other groups. He attempts to use race as a reason that African American groups shouldn't be listed. He doesn't refute the fact that his group is clandestine, but would rather point to the fact that they are all African American. In other words, he knows that his group is clandestine, but complains that the Phylaxis Society is guilty of reversed racism.

He states that we would not dare put a "white" Grand Lodge on the list, that is addressing African American clandestine groups.

I challenge Mr. Hawkins to provide evidence that his group or ANY John G. Jones group do not deserve to be listed.

Prove that John G. Jones was a legitimate source of lineage for any group.

His issue should be that white Lodges are not listed, but rather, HIS IS LISTED.

I challenge him to produce a video providing the history of his group, and provide credible and authentic sources that his group is a legitimate group. I think Mr. Hawkins should be more focused on putting his group in the position to be able to sit at the table with Prince Hall masons. The race card will not change the status and present condition of his Bogus group. Even is the Phylaxis was to add every white bogus group, it would not make his group legal or lawful; the John G. Jones Grand Lodge of California would still be Bogus.

Mr. Hawkins, please provide us with the proof that your own group doesn't deserve to be on the listing.


  1. Really do you think I am trying to impress or provide you with any thing. We have been going strong for over a 100 years and we are still here. If you don't like so be it. We are mason according to our jurisdiction. We are doing the same thing you are helping the homeless,back to school drive,scholarship and taken care of the masonic family we are recognized by those who recognized us. Now what set us apart. We work with those who who want to work with us regardless of masonic membership.

  2. Tony Muhammad, the article debunking your statement concerning the Phylaxis Society has nothing to with how long you have been in existence or what you are doing in the community. It is based on erroneous statements and propaganda used in your video. I am challenging you to prove that your group is a LEGAL MASONIC BODY.
    The work you do in the community is great, and we applaud whatever you do for the community...The issue arises when you call yourself a Mason, and you are not. You have been in existence for 100 years, but you have been illegal for 100 years.
    That is the issue, the fact that your group is in the lineage of a Mason who was expelled from Freemasonry, but chose to create a Grand Lodge and issue charters to unsuspecting men like you...I asked only that you provide us with the reason why YOUR group shouldn't be on the list of Bogus Masonic groups, because you are on the list.

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    1. May I ask the reason his comment was deleted? i.e. bad language, etc.

  4. Bogus means fake, and according to facts, prince hall masonry and john g jones masonry use the same masonic rituals, etc. Moreover, john g. Jones masonry doesn't claim to be prince hall masonry or f.&a.m. So how is it bogus or fake. The pha guys should simply state the truth: john g jones masonry isn't RECOGNIZED by pha. This issue is similar to the grand lodge of england vs. the ancient grand lodge of england history.Who cares? Plus the pha guys admit that john g jones and their other pha ancestors received the york rite, scottish rite, shrine, etc., all clandestinely. I know the grand lodge of england and mainstream masonry didn't bestow those rites and appendant bodies upon prince hall masons legally. So, it seems prince hall masonry was always involved in commiting socalled clandestine activities. Very hypocritical. Pha guys have a very selective memory when it comes to the issue of clandestine masonry. Plus, prince hall was originally a clandestine mason. No military lodge under the gloe would be permitted to initiate a civilian into masonry, according to their old bylaws (facts). So we all know that prince hall got his hands on a ritual expose and made up a story about being raised by a military lodge in boston (which means that prince hall was knowingly a bogus mason until he was later healed). But pha still venerates prince hall. This is hilarious stuff.

  5. There is so much misinformation and myths in this comment, that I would rather let it sit here, for the Masonic world to see. If you want to know every single point of error, please contact me at:

    Thanks for the attempt and effort, you should just redirect it to research and not debate.